Pond Analyst

What is “Pond Analyst”?

The “Pond Analyst” is a useful tool for all who work with water analysis. It’s quite simple: you enter the results of the water analysis and Pond Analyst interprets the values for you. It marks values that are outside the norm, gives you suggestions for possibly necessary treatments and warns about potential development or cyanobacteria dominance.
Pond Analyst can do even more: recommendations for the selection of plants are given after testing and interpreting the water quality, so the program generates a list of plant species that thrive optimally in the tested water. For further information and an instruction manual, please visit www.pondanalyst.com

BUY Pond analyst

Are you interested in using Pond Analyst? The use of the Pond Analyst costs € 312 (including VAT) and from the second year an annual maintenance fee of € 72 (including VAT). Just send us your informal order: export@biotop-pools.com


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