Natural Pool with Gorgeous View

natural pool as big as a lake


Year of construction: 2007
water area:
- swimming area: 50 m²
- regeneration area: 140 m²
- total area: 190 m²
water depth: 2,0 m
liner: green

planning and completion:
Biotop Landschafts­gestaltung GmbH
at-3411 Weidling

Natural Pool with Gorgeous View

"The atmosphere in the garden is simply wonderful since I decided to build a natural pool." Who would have thought that anything remotely positive would be said. All the signs were negative, as the neighbours were initially very sceptical. As a consequence the short vehicle access route across a neighbouring property to the building site was denied and all the material had to be transported over a steep slope. The client’s house is situated on the upper edge of the property and the terrace provides a stunning view of the natural pool, which is quite largely proportioned. Swimming is a somewhat minor point here, as the relatively small size of the swimming area shows. In addition to the view of the pool there is also a magnificent view of the city of Graz.

natural pool as big as a lake
natural pool as big as a lake
natural pool as big as a lake

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