• Swimming in natural water

The natural evolution of the pond

A natural pool provides an additional, and beautiful outdoor room and living space for people, and provides the incomparable feeling of being at one with nature and swimming in a lake.

Biotop was founded 35 years ago and since then, together with its partners in Europe and abroad, has built more than 7,000 pools, which are operated without the use of any chemicals. A quarter of these pools are Living Pools – bio-pools that look like conventional swimming pools, but otherwise have nothing in common with the traditional chlorinated pool.

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The Biotop
Natural Pool

The original Biotop Natural Swimming Pool is designed in the traditional pond style, with a naturalistic planting system around it. The traditional natural pool blends seamlessly into its environment and has a strong architectural impact in the garden throughout the year and is especially effective at enhancing the winter garden. Plants and wildlife which are attracted to the margins, bring a new and vibrant dimension into the garden and the pool complements and enhances the landscape.


The Biotop
Living Pool

The Living Pool looks like a conventional pool but is in fact a fully-function natural, biological pool. The Biotop Living Pool has no requirement for plants for filtration and requires absolutely no chlorine or other chemicals. The Living Pool offers the ultimate in swimming enjoyment in pure, crystal clear water.


Biotop Conversion and Renovation

Conversion and

The Biotop converter system is particularly suited for natural pools which have not yet had any technology installed or those where the water quality is not satisfactory. It also enables the relatively simple conversion of an existing chlorinated swimming pool into a natural, chemical free, biologically operated one.


The Biotop Partner Event 2018

The annual Biotop Partner Event took place in Vienna on 22–23 November 2018 beginning with the traditional cocktail reception held on the preceding Wednesday evening in the hotel sun room.

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When Frogs Become Princes—the Biotop Design Frog Princes 2018 Have Been Awarded!

As in previous years, the nine Partners having completed the most appealing projects were voted on during the Biotop Partner Event

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Partner Events UK

LOVE2STAY Natural Swimming Pool: Architects and Designers Open Day

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