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The smooth revolution of the pond

The natural pool, which is the image of a natural lake, provides a living space for people, animals and plants and creates the incomparable feeling of swimming in natural water.
BIOTOP was founded 30 years ago and since then, together with its partners in Europe and abroad, has built more than 5,000 pools, which are operated without any chemicals. A quarter of these are Living Pools – bio-pools that look like conventional swimming pools, but otherwise have nothing in common with the traditional chlorinated pool.

Living Water - a caress for the skin

Our Products

The BIOTOP Natural Pool

Natural Pool

A pool in the classical design will have a strong architectural impact throughout the year, and is especially effective at enhancing the winter garden. Plants and wildlife bring a new and vibrant dimension into the garden and the pool complements and enhances existing architecture.


The BIOTOP Living Pool

Living Pool

The Living Pool looks like a conventional pool but is in fact a fully-fledged biological pool. The Biotop Living Pool requires absolutely no chlorine or other chemicals and offers the ultimate in swimming enjoyment in crystal clear water.


BIOTOP Conversion and Renovation

Conversion and

The converter system is particularly suited for natural pools which have not yet had any technology installed or those where the water quality is not satisfactory. It also enables the simple conversion of an existing swimming pool into a biologically operated one.



We are delighted to announce that Phil Meads from Elements of Nature has joined our BIOTOP team of specialist pool partners in the UK.

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NGS Open Gardens, Ellicar Gardens, 26th February 2017

BIOTOP partner Ensata will be opening Ellicar Gardens to raise money for the National Garden Scheme charities.

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New luxury glamping resort to showcase latest in natural swimming pool design

A new luxury £4 million touring and glamping resort which is being built near Shrewsbury, is to feature a stunning, state-of-the-art natural, chemical free, swimming pool at the heart of the development.

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