Biotop’s Company History


In 2020 Biotop celebrates its 35th anniversary and expands its location. In its 35-year history, Biotop has become the global market leader for natural pools and swimming ponds. With its 90 international partners, the company has built around 7,000 swimming facilities to date. In 2020, Biotop generates record sales of 6.4 million euros. The natural pool specialist is expanding at its Weidling site and investing around one million euros in new production facilities, storage capacity, office and training rooms, and digitization measures. Despite the Coronavirus crisis, our anniversary year will be one of the most successful in our company's history. The background to this is that people are currently preferring to stay at home instead of travelling and are therefore investing more than ever in their own vacation paradise in the garden.


In 2015 Biotop celebrates its 30 year anniversary, including the publication of a photographic volume featuring the most beautiful pools. The changes made to our chamber design in 2016 brought a technical revolution, as the new polypropylene twin-wall sheets are simultaneously lighter and more stable than the previous solid sheets. The Combi-Box was born: a combination of biofilter, phosphate filter and pump chamber. Factory-side prefabrication of these Combi-Boxes reduces on-site installation times by up to 70%. These developments together with the good economic situation resulted in a 30% revenue increase for Biotop. Following the speedy development of technology the Show-Living Pool on the Biotop premises was refurbished according to the latest trends such as a stone border, dark grey liner and a Combi-Box. It now represents our leading role in natural pool construction once more. It is by the way the first “zero energy pool” ever built. Biotop enjoys continuous growth. In the meantime, the Partner network includes more than 80 Partners around the world who altogether have constructed over 7,000 projects using Biotop technology.


The Living Pool is introduced to the market. Patents are granted for the phosphorous filter PhosTec Ultra and the Biotop Living Pool. At the beginning of 2011 the network counts 50 partner companies in 17 countries. In 2012 Biotop’s construction department spins off to form the company T&P Teich und Pool GmbH. Group expansion continues with new partner companies in Australia and Czech Republic. The 4,000 pools the Group has built to-date translate into roughly ten times the size of St. Peter’s Square in Rome. Retrofitted with the latest equipment, the old Natural Pool at company headquarters is now state-of-the-art. The new filter material is used for the first time with very good results. Additional German and French partners join the Group.


The business segment “distance planning” gains momentum. The first Natural Pools in India and the US are built. The partner network is expanded to include additional European countries, Turkey, New Zealand and Israel. Biotop introduces three ground breaking innovations to the market with the curved screen skimmer, the submerged pump chamber and the phosphorous filter PhosTec Ultra. Development of the Living Pool begins. In 2006 Biotop is nominated for the Austrian “State Prize for Architecture and Sustainability” for the project “Biotop Offices and Workshops” in Weidling. A nomination for the “Neptune Water Prize” in the category “Water Conservation” for the Living Pool follows in 2009


The 1,000th natural pool is built. The Biotop Carbonator makes a break-through in the market. Inquiries from Italy, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and England encourage Biotop to expand its partner network into these countries. Planning for a new office building in Weidling begins. Biotop moves into the new headquarters in 2003, which are opened on June 14th at the third “Natural Pool Open House Day”. In the same year Biotop wins the “Austrian State Tourism Prize” for its project “Mountain Beach Gaschurn”. Biotop and its partner companies build 200 Natural Pools a year. 

In 2003 we moved in to our new Biotop office building that was nominated for the Austrian State Prize for Architecture
In 2003 we moved into our new office building, nominated for the Austrian State Prize for Architecture.

Our Biotop building from a bird's eye
a bird’s eye view of the Biotop headquarters


The 400th Natural Pool is completed. Biotop receives numerous awards, among them the “Eco Design Prize 96”, a prize for sustainable products and solutions. Additional license partners in northern Germany join the network, which now comprises 22 partner companies. A Natural Pool is built in Chile. An amendment to the Swimming Hygiene Law is passed, providing legal certainty governing the construction of Natural Pools. This culminates in booming business for public Natural Pools. The partner network in Germany now spans the country. The Biotop Carbonator, a product aimed at reducing algae growth, is integrated into the first projects. In 1995 Biotop wins the Innovation Award presented by the Province of Lower Austria and the Lower Austrian Economic Chamber.


The first public Natural Pool is built. The 100th Natural Pool is completed. Neighboring countries catch on to the idea of the Natural Pool. Biotop receives a planning contract for a recreational park in Gaschurn/Vorarlberg. Biotop has a staff of 25. The partner network is enlarged to 12 licensees.


Five employees build natural pond systems. The idea for natural swimming pools is born.
The idea of the “Natural Pool” is awarded the Austrian Prize for Environmental Protection. Interest booms and Biotop becomes the market leader. In 1987 Biotop is chosen for the Austrian overall prizewinner for the Conservation Award given out by the International Conservation Foundation.


Biotop is founded. The company name “Biotop” is reminiscent of a natural habitat. Goal: an ecologically oriented company that can also be profitable.

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