Living Pools: Biological and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional swimming pools

Discover the world of Living Pools, an environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional swimming pools. With a combination of organic water purification and appealing design, Living Pools offer a healthy and refreshing swimming experience in crystal clear water. Learn more about the benefits and frequently asked questions surrounding this eco-friendly pool option.

What is a Living Pool?

A Living Pool is a biological swimming pool that aesthetically resembles a conventional pool, but without the use of chlorine or other harmful chemicals. The water is purified by an underground biofilter and a special phosphate filter, which together provide effective biological and physical treatment of the water.

Advantages of Living Pools

  • crystal clear water, completely without chemicals
  • 100 percent organic
  • low maintenance
  • resource-saving, as no emptying is necessary in winter
  • low energy and water consumption

Living Pool vs. Natural Swimming Pond

While natural swimming ponds require a larger regeneration zone with plants and animals, Living Pools require less space as they are equipped with an underground biofilter and phosphate filter. Both options offer environmentally friendly water purification, but the Living Pool looks more like a traditional swimming pool.

Frequently asked questions about Living Pools

  • Experiences: Our satisfied Living Pool customers rave about the pleasant water quality and a natural bathing experience.
  • Size: The size of a Living Pool can be individually tailored, depending on the needs and space conditions.
  • Clear water: The combination of biofilter and phosphate filter ensures crystal clear water without chemicals.

Living pools offer an environmentally friendly and healthier alternative to conventional swimming pools. By avoiding harmful chemicals and using innovative filtration technologies, they allow for a pleasant bathing experience in crystal clear water. They are a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing solution for anyone looking for a pool that is kind to the environment and their health.

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