Tips and Instructions for Care and Maintenance

As natural pools mimic nature, they are subject to changes during the seasons. This is also a reason why they are always a feast for the eyes. Regular maintenance is required for them to remain beautiful and clean, however. Biotop provides support for all necessary maintenance work, e.g. preparations for winter or spring.


To schedule a maintenance visit from an expert, please contact your local Biotop partner.


We offer special workshops during teaching you how to remove silt or cut the plants, and our individually designed spring and autumn brochures summarize the most important tasks. Our all-new service videos contain further useful tips and instructions.


Our service videos provide step-by-step instructions for the spring and autumn maintenance tasks for your Natural Pool or Living Pool.

Preferably in autumn: Full service

6:09 min.

Every three to five years, a full service should be performed on your natural pool. Particular attention is paid to the regeneration area in this service.

Twice a year: Small service

4:41 min.

In spring and autumn, the pool walls and floor should be brushed and vacuumed using a silt vacuum. Dead wetland and water plants should be removed and the remaining plants cut back.

Individual clips:

Emptying & rinsing the regeneration area
1:38 minutes

Brushing & vacuuming
2:46 minutes

Cutting plants
1:34 minutes

Service Products

You can order these and similar products at your local Biotop partner:

Well prepared with the Biotop Natural pool-care set
Biotop Natural Pool-care kit

The Biotop underwater-scythe is hand forged
Biotop Underwater scythe

Rake with a stainless steel adapter for the telescopic pole from Biotop
Biotop Rake with stainless steel adapter for telescopic pole

With the sludge suction cleaner from Biotop, every maintenance work can be completed easily and rapidly
Biotop Natural pool-sludge suction cleaner kit

Biotop Fertilizer tablets for water lilies

Biotop Fertilizing lance
Biotop Fertilizing lance

Biotop Fertilizer for water plants (bucket of 5 kg)


Biotop Algae stop (Algenstopp) powder

Overview of Care and Maintenance Tasks Throughout the Year

The digital Service Brochure summarizes the most important maintenance task and explains how to use our pool care tools. If you would like to schedule a maintenance visit for your pool, please contact your local Biotop Partner.


  • Cutting back plants and removing dead plants and plant parts
  • Starting up the circulation and filter system after winter (March)
  • We recommend a small service including vacuuming of sediment from the pool bottom

The reed plants should be cut back in spring. The water plants can be fertilized regularly starting in April. Water lilies can be fertilized using the Biotop fertilizer lance.


  • Clearing of proliferating water plants
  • Checking the water level and adding water if necessary
  • Small service if necessary (can be performed several times ayear)

A certain amount of algae build-up is part of a natural pool’s annual cycle. There are many environment-friendly ways of counteracting this algae growth.


  • Setting up the leaf protection net (if applicable)
  • Preparing the machinery for winter
  • Cutting back plants if required
  • Full service (Biotop recommends a Full service every 3-5 years)

To maintain the water quality, as few leaves as possible should be allowed to fall into the pool. A leaf protection provides efficient prevention.

Setting up the leaf protection net


Prepare your Natural Pool or Living-pool for winter in time and enjoy the beauty of a frozen pool surface.

  • Remove leaf protection net (before the first snowfall)

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