Our Philosophy

Our Vision

Water is our most valuable commodity, and we need to treat it with care. With the establishment of our company by pioneer Peter Petrich in 1985, we made it our goal to bring clear, living water in the shape of natural Swimming Ponds, into gardens everywhere. From the very start, the fundamental principles of our activity have been ecology, sustainability and chemical-free swimming pleasure. Today we are the world’s leading system supplier, with our Swimming Ponds and Living Pools. We create long-lasting swimming enjoyment with living water that requires no toxic additives. Living water regenerates itself thanks to Biotop’s technology and has a positive and beneficial effect on the body, mind, and soul. 

our vision

Who we are

As the world’s market leading, quality-conscious and sustainably operating business, we are experienced experts in the construction of Swimming Ponds and natural pools. Research and development are key pillars of our success and We develop and manufacture our own technology for natural and chemical-free water treatment. Biotop emulates nature in its products and uses only ecologically sustainable components and recycled products. As a pioneer for high-quality Swimming Ponds, we attach great importance to sustainable landscape water design. This is because owning and swimming in clear, natural water in one’s own garden, represent the fulfilment of a lifelong dream for many people.

Our Partners

Since 1994, our products have been distributed through a worldwide Partner network. Our Partners are specialists in the fields of gardening, landscaping and pool construction and are continually trained by us in all the latest technical developments. Our Partner network allows us to offer our clients high-quality and technically advanced products. More than 8,500 satisfied customers attest to the unsurpassed quality of our natural pools.

our partners

Our Innovations

Continuous development of our natural pool system is one of our key strengths. In pursuing this development, we take the greatest care to always work with nature, not against it. Intelligent usage of natural resources rather than their exploitation is our motto. We reject the over-mechanisation of natural pools, as it controverts the fundamental essence of the Swimming Pond. Our inventions have often been copied, but the original remains unrivalled—not least because we keep improving it. Our trailblazing innovation is what makes the Biotop group the undisputed market leader.

Our Customers

Your needs and wishes are our primary objective. Together with our Partners, we strive to develop the natural pool of your dreams. What’s more, our support doesn’t end with the completion of your Pool: We are the only pool builders to offer comprehensive maintenance, care, and advisory services. We work closely with our customers to ensure we fully understand their aspirations first-hand. This enables us to keep improving our products and services for the benefit of our clients.

our customers

Our Future

Satisfied customers, our carefully selected Partner companies, as well as professionally and continuously trained employees, are our future. We will also continue to adhere to our strong ecological principles. The Biotop group works consistently on the future development of the natural pool by relying on quality, innovation, and service—standards that you as our customer can benefit from directly. Choosing a Biotop natural pool will always be the right choice for now and the future.

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