Chlorine Pool Conversion

Transforming a Chlorinated Pool into a Living Pool

When converting a chlorine pool into a Living Pool, the existing water circuit consisting of skimmer, pump and sand filter can usually still be used. Only the chlorination is discontinued. Instead a converter-chamber containing the biological filter, the PhosTec Upstream filter and a pump is installed. 

This chamber measuring about 2 x 1 x 1 metres is installed right next to the existing pool and connected to it by a feed and a return pipe. The pump for the biofilter circuit only requires very little electrical power, which is also why the pool’s operating costs can be reduced significantly through such a conversion.

Schematic cross section conversion living poolSchematic cross section

Video and Photos Illustrating the Conversion Process

Before and after comparison:

The Biotop Partner was commissioned to transform an old chlorine pool into a Living Pool. The garden had to be redesigned and a new terrace and pool house constructed. The pool is equipped with brand-new piping, a new staircase and a new liner. A mineral filter was also installed. The terrace and pool, which provides a spectacular view of the surroundings, were framed with 1-by-1-metre white concrete slabs to give the facility a modern look.

After many years of operation, this first-generation Living Pool was ready to be renovated. The aim of the project was to install up-to-date technology, a new liner and new equipment and accessories. The new equipment area was constructed of masonry to allow flexible adaptations to the machinery in future, and an under-deck housing for a ‘Grado’ pool cover was also installed. The plan is to operate the facility completely independently via a photovoltaic system mounted on the roof of the company building. The refurbishment also included the rebuilding and significant enlargement of the footbridge and deck area.

Converter sequence starts at 02:45 min.

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