Living Pool construction methods

Wall construction

The wall construction method is most commonly used for Living Pools. A foundation slab is placed on site and a wall built on top of it. The wall is then covered with a polypropylene liner.


Because the monopool is constructed as a complete unit by the manufacturer, it is sometimes also called a prefabricated or “pre-fab” pool. The basin is assembled in the desired size and shape by welding together polypropylene sheets and transported to the client in one piece.


  • Individual shapes and measurements are possible, a clear advantage over epoxy resin pools
  • Polypropylene (PP) is an environment-friendly material which, in contrast to epoxy resin, releases no toxins
  • Easy and quick installation with short construction times on site
  • High-quality production and machining of edges and corners
  • Smooth surfaces make cleaning easier
  • 10-year warranty

Our monopools come in the three distinct configuration variants Skimmer, Overflow, and Infinity, making them perfectly suited for use with various terrain types and design requirements.




Edge staircase

Pool edge with shallow area

Full-width staircase

Angular staircase

Round staircase

Stainless steel ladder

Rolling slat covers can be integrated into the monopool to protect the water from dirt and improve its heat retention. Besides the standard variant, covers can also be installed in an underground chamber or under a sitting ledge.

The trending colours for the new generation of pools are various shades of grey, and they are particularly well-suited to biological pools. Biotop recommends blue grey due to its natural look and ease of cleaning. Beyond the standard configurations, a multitude of fittings and accessories including lighting, massage jets, counter-current systems, and underwater loudspeakers are available.

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