How does a Living Pool „work“?

Having two separate water cycles allows an economically-efficient and energy-saving use of the pumps. During the first cycle, the surface of the water is skimmed and floating particles are removed from the water. The pump is only in operation during the day. During the second cycle, organic impurities are degraded and phosphorous is eliminated from the water. This pump runs continuously during the bathing season. Water features such as a mill stone or waterfall can be integrated in both water cycles. BIOTOP has always attached a great deal of importance to designing technical components that are simple and easy for the user to understand.

The pleasure to swim in chlorine-free water

The Living Pool looks like a conventional pool but is in fact a fully functional biological pool. The BIOTOP Living Pool requires absolutely no chlorine or any other chemicals and offers the ultimate swimming enjoyment in crystal clear water.

Living Pools Filter the Water Biologically

Many homeowners dream of being able to swim in their own backyard, but hesitate to use chemicals in their pool – especially when children will be enjoying the pool as well. Chlorine can not only be damaging for the natural environment, but also unhealthy for people. The Living Pool turns swimming into an uplifting experience for the senses.

The Living Pool looks like a conventional pool

The Water Stays in the Biological Pool All Year Round

This uncomplicated system has many advantages. For example, the pool does not have to be emptied for the winter; there is no need to remove the water in the pipes, and the pumps remain in place. Only the filter material of the "PhosTec-Upstream" has to be replaced every few years. This is a major convenience that all swimming pool owners will no doubt appreciate.

Perfect Unity between Natural Pool and Swimming Pool

Technical components

Bio-Compact Filter

Bio- und Phosphat-Filter übernehmen FilterfunktionChemicals are taboo in a Living Pool. The hazard of chlorine can now be removed from the garden for good. Instead, the pool cleans the water using a method that mimics nature itself. While plants and microorganisms filter the water in a Natural Pool, the Living Pool is equipped with a special phosphate filter with granulate that binds phosphorus, the main source of nutrients for algae.

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Submerged Pump House

Submerged Pump HouseBIOTOP has a pump chamber that boasts a completely new design to ensure proper water circulation. The submersible pump is installed within a flooded pump chamber. The water flows into the pump chamber naturally and is not “sucked in” by the pump. The submersible pump sits on the floor of the pump chamber and transports the water into the Natural Pool through pressure lines.

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Curved Screen Skimmer

Curved Screen SkimmerThe curved screen skimmer is a milestone in skimmer development. The water flows over a curved screen with a mesh size of only 0.3 mm. The advantage here is that the screen catches even the smallest of impurities and mucilaginous algae. The impurities are removed from the system before the nutrients they contain are released back into the water.
The screen is self-cleaning, as the impurities are washed to the bottom. A cleverly-devised mechanism regulates the water flow via a moveable skimmer flap that always allows exactly the right amount of water to flow over the screen.

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Phosphatfilter „PhosTec Ultra“

The PhosTec Upstream phosphate filter binds the phosphorusdissolved in the water — the main promoter of algae growth — efficiently and without the need for chemicals. This causes the algae in the water to “starve”. The water flows through the filter from top to bottom, thereby minimising the risk of the filter becoming clogged.

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