A Lake in the Garden


Year of construction: 2018
water area:
- swimming area: 54 m²
- regeneration area: 290 m²
- total area: 344 m²
water depth: 1,9 m
liner: dark grey

planning and completion:
Fresner Garten- und Landschaftsbau GmbH
at-8962 Michaelerberg

A Lake in the Garden

Starting at the fair-faced concrete overflow basin, the view extends across the 300 m² of the lake to the reading room in the wooden cabin. Water flows into the lake like a curtain. Enjoying a cup of coffee on the raised terrace, one can see not only the wooden deck reaching to the pond but also the raft used for paddling on the lake. Sitting on the raft itself in the middle of the lake provides an entirely new perspective. A particularly beautiful location is under the spectacular willow, from where one can enjoy the view of the patio and house. While strolling around the lake’s perimeter, one can also traverse the filter area using the “floating stones”. This is the best point of view to appreciate the grand dimensions of the facility with a length of more than 25 metres.

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