Geometric eye-catcher on the terrace


Year of construction: 2019
water area:
- swimming area: 40 m²
- regeneration area: 6 m²
- total area: 46 m²
water depth: 1,4 m

planning and completion:
Water Artisans Limited
GB-DT2 8QJ Dorchester, Dorset

Geometric eye-catcher on the terrace

An exciting formal design swimming pond on a the terrace of a new home designed by UK Landscape Designer Dana Assinder in association with TFQ Architects. Originally a project for partner Kingcombe Aquacare with Ben Garner, subsequently completed by Ben and his team at Water Artisans. Concrete construction and tiling by the client team. M&E design, pumping, filtration, pipework, balance tank, planting, control and commissioning by Kingcombe/Water Artisans. The pond features an infinity edge with balance tank and bespoke overflow grilles. The filter box has been changed to pump fed/gravity return. The pond provides a focal point on the terrace and is an integral part of the architectural value of the property.

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