A Natural Pool turned Living-Pool



Year of construction: 2016
water area:
- swimming area: 75 m²
- total area: 75 m²
water depth: 1,4 m
liner: green

planning and completion:
my Garden s.à.r.l.
lu-5485 Wormeldange-Haut

A Natural Pool turned Living-Pool

The clients were no longer happy with his 8-year-old Biotop Natural Pool built by a former partner – they couldn’t really enjoy the pond anymore. One reason was the 150-200 dead toads that had to be vacuumed up and gotten rid of every spring; another was that the overall effort involved was becoming too much for the clients. The family still wanted water in their garden, however, so a Biotop Living-Pool was the logical solution. The old Natural Pool was replaced with a Living-Pool of 15 by 4 meters and a depth of 1.35 meters, including an aboveground rolling shutter and heating via a tubular heat exchanger.


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