Bio Pool Built into a Cliff

Bio Pool built into cliffs


Year of construction: 2015
water area:
- swimming area: 70 m²
- total area: 70 m²
water depth: 2,0 m
liner: dark grey
The edge of the pool, designed using granite corner elements, was cut with lasers to ensure precision down to the millimeter.

planning and completion:
Schleitzer baut Gärten creativ & innovativ GmbH
de-80999 München

Bio Pool Built into a Cliff

The Living Pool is nestled in between a house on one side and pre-existing natural rock on the other. The pool’s upper edge is level with the second floor of the house. The outer walls were insulated and additionally sealed with a water vapor permeable bituminous sheeting. The excavation was carried out using special excavation equipment with a compressor in order to carve space from the rock for the pool face. A two-tiered waterfall and a stream connecting the waterfall and the pool supply the Living Pool with 90 m³ an hour.

Bio Pool built into cliffs
Bio Pool built into cliffs
Bio Pool built into cliffs

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