Hotel Benediktenhof



Year of construction: 2016
water area:
- swimming area: 30 m²
- regeneration area: 40 m²
- total area: 70 m²
water depth: 2,0 m
liner: green

planning and completion:
Fuchs baut Gärten GmbH
de-83661 Lenggries

Hotel Benediktenhof

This Natural Pool at a hotel near Benediktenhof, built in 1996, was beginning to show its age quite clearly. The liner was rather grimy and the regeneration area completely overgrown; an overhaul was in order. The initial idea was to change to a Living-Pool, but the hotel’s patrons expressed their preference for another Natural Pool. With the entire hotel grounds forming a natural garden, the owners quickly decided to follow their regulars’ suggestion and leave the shape and location of the facility unchanged. In winter 2015/2016, the regeneration area was cleared and the old liner removed. The walls were overhauled and the deck covered with wood, then a new liner was installed and the regeneration area replanted. By early summer, the hotel guests were able to use the new pool.


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