Infinity pool in Salzburg



Year of construction: 2015
water area:
- swimming area: 45 m²
- total area: 45 m²
water depth: 1,5 m
liner: light grey

planning and completion:
Fresner Garten- und Landschaftsbau GmbH
AT-8962 Michaelerberg

Infinity pool in Salzburg

The Kirchmayr pool is located in the middle of the city of Salzburg, on the hill known as Gaisberg. With a view towards Hohensalzburg fortress, the location is in one of the prime areas of Salzburg. The construction site was accessible only through a 2-meter-high garage; all materials and excavated earth had to be moved through this small opening. The combination of large ceramic slabs, exposed concrete, wood, and the natural colour of the pool water creates a unique atmosphere in the garden. The Living-Pool is accessible via a set of steps paralleled by waterfalls. Swimmers are thus accompanied by water on their way from the house to the pool. The overflow ledge provides a spectacular view over Salzburg, making swimming all the more enjoyable. The steps leading into the pool are made of the same material as the outside patio, and the grasses create a natural divider between the terrace and swimming areas.


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