Living-Pool with waterfall



Year of construction: 2016
water area:
- swimming area: 50 m²
- total area: 50 m²
water depth: 1,4 m
liner: light grey

planning and completion:
Tuinen BROUCKAERT bvba
BE-8800 Roeselare

Living-Pool with waterfall

Building a Swimming pond with cozy sitting area and a relaxing cascade. The swim area is made of bricks and finished with a warm feeling, grey polyester which upgrades the clear water. The sitting area next to the pond is installed at a wooden terrace and the sitting elements are made of concrete in an S-form. At night the led-lights make the swimming a pleasing experience. The boarding is made of stainless steel with a build-in light zone. The curved sieve skimmers and PhosTec Ultra are installed in the green solids. The BIOTOP mineral filter is filled with swamp plants. This area is in the shade between the house and the pond and makes a connection between the two. The rippling water also gives an extra atmosphere in the house.


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