The First Natural Pool Down Under

first natural pool in australia


Year of construction: 2012
water area:
- swimming area: 80 m²
- regeneration area: 50 m²
- bio filter area: 50 m²
- total area: 180 m²
water depth: 2,0 m
liner: green
Underwater LED with RGB color change

planning and completion:
Natural Swimming Pools Australia
au-3749 Yackandandah, Victoria

The First Natural Pool Down Under

“I’d never heard of natural pools. But when Annika and Wayne introduced the project to me, I saw the win-win situation and the huge potential it offered. I was instantly convinced. Suddenly, all of my almost forgotten childhood memories of freedom, fresh air, swimming in rivers and lakes, of frogs and all the animals came flooding back,” explained Genevieve Milham, an architect in Australia, who runs Plane Trees Lodge with eight holiday cottages. An attempt to create an ornamental pool had failed, and Annika and Wayne, who “imported” the natural pool idea from Europe, arrived to remove the remains of ornamental pool. Months later, Australia’s first natural pool was built on the site. The pool always has fantastically clear water, even when temperatures rise to more than 40 degrees Celsius, a regular occurrence during Australian summers.

first natural pool in australia
first natural pool in australia
first natural pool in australia

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