Wellness in Miniature

A swimming pond in a small garden with a sauna house surrounded by trees


Year of construction: 2020
water area:
- swimming area: 20 m²
- regeneration area: 44 m²
- total area: 64 m²
water depth: 2,0 m
liner: green
2x 300W spotlight, level control

planning and completion:
P.G.G. Potsdamer Garten Gestaltung GmbH
DE-14542 Werder (Havel)

Wellness in Miniature

This small swimming pond garden, together with a winter garden at the house and a sauna on the opposite side of the pond, forms the perfect wellness oasis. The variety of shapes was a customer request and is a real change from the usual design language. Sun and shade beds accompany the pond with species-rich vegetation all year round.

Close up regeneration area with water plants
Swimming Pond by Biotop is in harmony with nature
Small garden with swimming pond

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