Swimming Pond Construction methods

Select the construction method that you like the best. All three can be combined with one another.

Corner Element Construction

With this modular building method, the divider between the swimming area and regeneration zone is created using angle elements. The elements are recyclable and thus environment-friendly, and their variable connection system allows the swimming area to be shaped as desired. The pre-fab elements used in this system save time and provide great flexibility in terms of design.

Concrete or Cinderblock Walls

The wall construction method is a high-stability technique that makes the greatest possible amount of space available for the swimming area. The smoothly and precisely applied liner also provides the possibility of using a pool robot for automatic cleaning. Separate emptying of the swimming area and regeneration zone is also possible with this construction method.

Earth-Wall Construction

In this comparatively inexpensive variant, which is also flexible in terms of shape, the swimming area is separated from the regeneration zone by a simple earthen embankment. The wide dam-like shape requires more space as well as a stable natural foundation.


  • Pre-fabricated components
  • Quick and easy construction
  • Attractive design
  • Swimming area can be shaped as desired
  • Wooden cover provides seating


  • Precise geometric shapes
  • Vertical walls from top to bottom in the swimming area
  • Higher investment in materials and costs
  • DIY construction is possible


  • Gently sloping shape of the swimming area
  • Economically priced
  • Larger surface area needed due to greater width of earth wall

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