The natural evolution of the pond

A natural pool provides an additional, and beautiful outdoor room and living space for people, and provides the incomparable feeling of being at one with nature and swimming in a lake.

Biotop was founded 35 years ago and since then, together with its partners in Europe and abroad, has built more than 8,000 pools, which are operated without the use of any chemicals. A quarter of these pools are Living Pools—bio-pools that look like conventional swimming pools, but otherwise have nothing in common with the traditional chlorinated pool.

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The Biotop Natural Pool

The desire for balance and equilibrium is fulfilled by a Biotop Natural Swimming Pool. The foremost goal of a nature-inspired design is to create the impression that the Pool has always been there. The calm, clear water brings a renewed quality of life into your garden and has a relaxing and calming effect. Simple and organic design, gently rounded shapes and graceful and playful marginal edges characterise every Biotop Natural Pool.



Biotop Living Pool 2020

The Biotop Living Pool

The Living Pool is an organic version of the traditional swimming pool. It looks like a conventional pool but requires no chlorine or other harmful chemicals to provide the ideal swimming enjoyment in pure, crystal-clear water. Instead of the regeneration zone with plants and wildlife required for a Swimming Pond, a subterranean Biotop bio filter and the specially developed PhosTec Upstream phosphate filter provide natural biological treatment of the water in a Living Pool, maintaining its clarity and vitality.





The natural pool

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van Ginkel Swimming Pond

Saving water and resources

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