The natural pool

Natural pools impress you with natural, crystal-clear water, easy maintenance and economical use of water and energy. While Swimming Ponds have a larger regeneration zone with plants and animals, Living Pools need less space as they keep the water clean with a compact biofilter and phosphate filter. Both options offer environmentally friendly water purification, but the Living Pool visually resembles a conventional swimming pool.

What is the difference between a natural pool and a swimming pond?

Whether you choose a Biotop Living Pool or Swimming Pond is up to your individual preference. Both types can be customised in terms of design and size. Living Pools are particularly popular because they are more compact and space-saving than Swimming Ponds. They also offer a clear form of design and a natural bathing experience without aquatic animals and plants. A Swimming Pond, on the other hand, appears particularly vibrant due to its plant area and fresh greenery. In addition, a Pond creates valuable habitat for fauna and flora. Last but not least, a Swimming Pond is attractive all year round - even in winter, for example as a plunge pool after a sauna. Even ice skating is possible. With both types, there is no need to empty the pool before winter. This saves water, which is more valuable than ever in times of increasingly hot and dry summers.

Which technology is used for a natural pool?

The natural pool uses the natural self-cleaning power of water, which also keeps lakes, rivers and streams clean. A multitude of microorganisms in the Biotop filters break down impurities and nutrients. The patented Biotop filter systems reduce entries of pathogens with every filter run, thus offering healthy and natural bathing pleasure. The current Biotop filter generation is characterized by highly space-saving and user-friendly filters. Biotop systems do not require an additional equipment room or a large gravel area for filter installation.

What are the costs of operating a natural pool?

The operating costs for a small pool (7m x 3m) are about 150 to 240 euros for electricity per year, including a pool robot. The water requirement is about 3 m³ with a good pool cover or in a year with high precipitation. There are no annual cleaning costs. From planning to bathing pleasure, a small natural pool (7m x 3m) costs between 50,000 and 110,000 euros, depending on the equipment. For excavation, removal of the earth and the building of the concrete basin 20,000 euro are to be considered; for the Biotop filter technology inclusive liner sealing of the basin it is approximately 22,000 euro. For the equipment of the pool, depending on the version, there is a range of between 3,500 euros and 40,000 euros for full equipment.

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