A comparison of natural pools

8 reasons why a natural pool is the better choice

The dream of having your own pool is very popular. The question is whether it should be a chlorine, salt or natural pool. The trend is clearly towards natural pools because they are more skin-friendly and sustainable.

Focus on naturalness
While chlorine and salt pools rely on chemical water treatment, a biopool is based on a high degree of self-purification, as also occurs in natural bodies of water. A biopool therefore stands for near-natural bathing pleasure in clear water that does not require any chemicals. Natural pools are therefore not only particularly kind to the skin and eyes, but they also protect the environment and help to save on operating costs. 

Low energy and water consumption
Living Pools and Swimming Ponds are resource-saving in several ways: they are economical in terms of consumption, as the water does not have to be changed annually. In times of increasingly hot and dry summers, water is a scarce and valuable commodity. In addition, the waste water produced by the biopool (e.g. from rinsing the filters) can simply be reused in the garden. The water is thus returned to the natural water cycle, whereas the waste water from chlorine and salt pools has to be disposed of. Finally, the self-cleaning filter technology in Living Pools is extremely energy-efficient. 

Individual designs that leave nothing to be desired
Whether original Biotop “Living Pool” or “Swimming Pond”—natural pools offer crystal-clear water. The many design options range from straight-lined designer pools to pools or ponds with planted areas. The Living Pool can be flexibly adapted to individual needs and can even be designed as a “zero-energy pool” for CO2-neutral operation by means of a photovoltaic system. As the world market leader in high-quality swimming ponds and natural pools, Biotop stands for near-natural bathing pleasure in clean, chemical-free water. 

Unique technology
Biotop’s Swimming Pond has a regeneration zone where plants and micro-organisms create clean water and lively, fresh greenery. This turns the Swimming Pond into a personal, natural wellness oasis. A unique feature of all Biotop pools is the reliable technology with bio and phosphate filters, which guarantees crystal-clear water and is invisibly installed. In addition, Biotop also offers prefabricated pools made of polypropylene, which shine with design elements such as infinity and overflow edges. 

Sustainable bathing pleasure
Whether you choose a Living Pool or a Swimming Pond is a matter of taste. Living Pools are particularly popular because they require less space than Swimming Ponds. In addition, many people attach importance to clear lines in the design and a bathing experience without aquatic animals and plants. A swimming pond, on the other hand, has its charms all year round. Even ice skating is possible. In any case, the trend towards sustainability, conscious use of resources and healthy living is more important than ever. This also includes bathing in natural water. 

Can also be used in winter
Since the water is not drained in winter, natural pools can also be used in the cold season—for example as a plunge pool after a sauna. In addition, a filled bio-pool also offers an attractive appearance in winter. 

Peace and relaxation
With its clear, sparkling water, fresh greenery and flowering aquatic plants, a Biotop Swimming Pond creates a true wellness oasis—ideal for relieving stress and leaving hectic everyday life behind. 

Habitat for animals
Natural pools provide an important habitat for insects and birds, especially in urban areas. The Biotop Swimming Pond in particular provides enough water and food in densely built-up areas to create a healthy basis for life. The natural pools thus stand for at least a small step against the worldwide extinction of species.

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