The swimming pond

well-maintained swimming pond with regeneration zone

How does a Biotop swimming pond work?

The Swimming Pond is an ingenious combination of swimming pool and natural pond. By utilising its natural self-cleaning properties, chemicals are completely unnecessary for operation. The plants in the regeneration zone absorb impurities in the form of nutrients, and naturally occurring aquatic organisms reduce harmful bacteria. The water surfaces of the bathing area and the regeneration zone are usually roughly the same size, but thanks to Biotop's technology, the surface ratio can be freely selected.

How much does a Swimming Pond cost?

The operating costs for a Swimming Pond with a bathing area of 3x7m amount to around 100 to 180 euros for electricity per year. From planning to immersion in the cool water, a swimming pond of this size costs between 60,000 and 110,000 euros, depending on the type of construction and equipment.

How much care does a Swimming Pond need?

The Swimming Pond needs a "spring clean" after every winter. Bottom sediments must be vacuumed out and the walls of the swimming area may need to be brushed down. In summer, the underwater plants are cut back. In autumn, service work ranges from pruning plants to installing a safety net. The regular cleaning of the swimming area is best carried out by a pond robot.

How much space do I need for a Biotop system?

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, there are hardly any limits to the size of a swimming pool - neither upwards nor downwards. A flat or levelled area of 40 m² or more is ideal. Everything is possible, from sun to shade. The location has a direct effect on the water temperature and brings both advantages and disadvantages. Each system is planned individually and adapted to the conditions onsite.

Can a Swimming Pond be heated?

In a Swimming Pond, the sun warms the shallow water, which transfers its energy to the deeper bathing area. However, the water can also be heated up to 28 degrees Celsius using a heat exchanger or an air heat pump.


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