The fascination of seeing from a bird’s eye view

The fascination of seeing from a bird’s eye viewOver the last several weeks five videos of BIOTOP natural pools were filmed, purely by coincidence, showing all three from a bird’s eye view. The aerial camera took flight, passing over New York State, England’s South Yorkshire County, the Vienna Woods and two times over New Zealand.

Part 1 - BIOTOP Natural Pools - Aerial Views: US

For Vinny Torcasio from the company Aqua-Scapes in Bethel, Connecticut, the construction of his first pool was going exactly according to plan, which prompted him to preserve the BIOTOP natural pool, built in Hall Hill, NY, on film. 

Part 2 - BIOTOP Natural Pools - Aerial Views: United Kingdom

When Sarah and Will Murch won the Design Frog King competition in 2013 with their show pool “Ellicar Natural Pool”, their business really began to take off. Orders came flooding in, and the pair decided this year to make a short film to capture the beauty of the pool.

Part 3 - BIOTOP Natural Pools - Aerial Views: Austria

Sometimes the best presents are the ones we give ourselves. To mark its 30-year anniversary BIOTOP flew a drone over its company headquarters in order to showcase “the most beautiful workplace in the world” (to quote a BIOTOP employee), this time from a very unique perspective.

Part 4 - BIOTOP Natural Pools - Aerial Views: New Zealand

Mr. Traut knew the natural pool system from when he worked at a landscaping company in Germany. Romance took him to New Zealand and he decided to put the idea into practice together with his friend Hans Brutscher. With a demonstration pool in difficult steep terrain and a design reminiscent of a conventional pool he created a beautiful example of a natural pool, which is shown to particular advantage due to the adjacent nature reservation and lush vegetation.

Part 5 - BIOTOP Living Pools - Aerial Views: New Zealand

Visually just like a classical swimming pool and organic nevertheless – the Living Pool requires absolutely no chlorine or other toxic chemicals and still offers the ultimate in swimming enjoyment in crystal clear water.
Pure nature to exercise in - Pure sparkling water - Zero chemicals - A natural lifestyle

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