The most exciting Communal Natural Pool in the World

Mountain Beach, Gaschurn, Austria is probably the largest organic/natural pool in the world, if not the most exciting. David Pagan Butler was invited to take a look and show how this pool works. Without the use of chemical disinfectants this pool can accommodate over a thousand visitors a day. The water quality is so high it is recommended by doctors. Heinrich Sandrell, the former Mayor, was the powerhouse behind the project and the pool was constructed by Biotop, Austria in 1997. It has two pools on different levels connected with a stream you can raft down: An Alpine summertime water wonderland. The pool was awarded the Austrian State Prize for Tourism 2003.

TThe most exciting Communal Natural Pool in the Worldo activate the traditional winter sport village in summertime, the Mountain-Beach Recreation Park was developed. The focus of the recreation park is on the two natural pools, situated on different levels of a slope and connected by a brook. "Rafting" down the brook on air mattresses is THE attraction for young visitors. Additional attractions include areas for water games, beach volleyball, a diving tower, a mesh-fence area, an island with a hanging bridge, a water ferry and water cable car, which bring in guests from near and far. In wintertime the pools are used for ice skating – creating fun all year round.


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