Swimming like a pro in a natural pool

A 25-metre competition swimming pool designed as a Biopool? An Upper Austrian family has made this dream of their own natural swimming paradise come true. The facility is equipped with everything you need for professional training—starting block and floor markings included. Biofilters, UV lamps and air heat pumps ensure crystal-clear water at a pleasant temperature.

When the swimming-enthusiastic family had a modern house built almost thirteen years ago, a 25-metre-long and 4-metre-wide natural pool with plants was also constructed. “However, the maintenance of the pool and the plants required a lot of effort. Therefore, we decided to renovate it. For this purpose, we asked for quotations for different alternatives, including a stainless steel pool with chlorine system as well as a Biopool without a plant area, but with special filter technology,” reports owner Ingrid Ehrmann. But the stainless steel option proved too expensive and chlorinated water was not the first choice either.—A gravel filter was ruled out because it was too costly to build. Through an internet search, the entrepreneur came across the pool specialist Freiraum, which offers the Biotop natural pool system. “After an impressive presentation on site, we finally decided to rebuild the existing pool and convert it to the biofilter system,” says Ehrmann.

From dream to reality
With the help of the pool specialist, the family managed to realise their dream of a low-maintenance sports pool with natural water. “Above all, the idea of filter boxes for water purification was original and completely convinced us. In addition, Freiraum scored with a professional overall concept,” says Ehrmann. A short time later, the pool professionals got to work. First, the existing pool and the planted area were pumped out and large stones and the old liner were removed with the excavator. The next step was to wall up the pool and install the filter boxes and pipes in a gravel bed. After backfilling, the technicians lined the pool with a new, natural-looking grey foil, installed the bottom markings for length swimming and connected the filter technology. With a generous wooden deck and a border of light-coloured stone slabs, the reconstruction was almost complete. The only thing missing was the starting block—a special component from Scandinavia, which only arrived some time later.

Swim like a pro
After about two months, the family was able to swim the first laps in their new natural sports pool. Two Biokompakt filters, UV lamps and a reverse osmosis system, among other things, ensure crystal-clear water without any added chemicals. “The new filter system has worked perfectly right from the start and delivers great water quality,” Ehrmann is happy to say. The pool is cleaned by a special pool robot that keeps the floor and walls clean. So that the season can start as early as May, two air heat pumps heat the pool. Even a professional backstroke swimming system was installed. Special flags on a string show the swimmer their position. “We are very happy with our new natural pool. The Freiraum company gave us the best advice and is always there to help us. The project also stayed within budget,” says Ehrmann. The conversion was not without its challenges—including the floor markings, which came off at the beginning, or problems with the air heat pump, which were, however, quickly resolved by the electrician.

Unique value
Since the Ehrmann family spends a lot of time in the water, a healthy and skin-friendly training environment is particularly important. “Our son is a competitive swimmer and uses the pool regularly for his training. But the pool is also a huge benefit for me, my husband and our daughter. We can use the time for swimming after work and at the same time enjoy a real holiday feeling at home. Friends also come to visit and enjoy the unique feeling of sitting right next to the sparkling water. At the same time, our pool also looks attractive in winter,” says Ehrmann with delight.

Year of construction: 2019
Pool length: 25 m
Swimming area: 88 m²
Water depth: 2.4 m
Liner: slate grey
Technology: Reverse osmosis system, hardening box, Phostec Upstream, Bio-Kompakt filter, UV lamps, four underwater spots, two air heat pumps, Tosstec pool robot
For swimming pros: starting block, floor markers and backstroke unit. The spacious Biopool directly adjoins the house and terrace.
Planning and execution: Freiraum Gartenarchitektur GmbH

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