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Get your natural pool in shape for the swimming season

Garden owners in particular are looking forward to warmer temperatures and the first pleasant days of spring. After a long, grey winter, warming sunlight and fresh greenery can really sooth the soul. Soon the frogs will be leaving their winter quarters and reoccupying the ponds. The first flowers with their pink and yellow blooms provide an enjoyable prospect of the summer to come. Now is the best time to engage in spring cleaning in your garden and awaken your Living Pool or Swimming Ponds from its hibernation.

Cleaning your natural pool

The first thing to do in spring is to brush and vacuum the walls and bottom of the pool basin, ideally using a silt vacuum cleaner. The died-off water and wetland plants should be cut back and removed as well. Depending on your region and weather, the filter circuit can now be started up again. And beginning in April, the water plants can be fertilised regularly. Tip: A special fertilising lance for water lilies is available from Biotop. Swimming Ponds require more extensive maintenance every three to five years. The focus of this activity is the proper functioning of the regeneration area. Now is also the best time to complete the annual checking of your pond or pool’s technical components, or to realise any changes you may have planned.

Find further tips and care instructions here: Biotop Service

Your one-stop-shop

The Biotop Partners offer a “small maintenance package” and a “large maintenance package” to ensure that your Swimming Pond or Living Pool is on optimal condition for the coming season. If you would like to book a maintenance package, please contact your local Biotop Partner.

And for anyone looking to become the proud owner of a Swimming Pond or Living Pool, early spring is also the ideal time to design your individual facility. As full-service suppliers, our experienced Biotop Partners will be happy to assist you in the proper planning and professional construction of natural pools and Swimming Ponds—as well as providing landscaping services and maintenance and care for your facility. Start now and before long, your family will be diving into clear, refreshing, natural water.

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