BIOTOP UK launch new pools video

BIOTOP has launched a new video for the UK market which highlights its range of natural swimming pools and which stars the pool owners.

The video was filmed during May 2016 and features five different pools styles. 

A classic naturalistic and simple pool design in Wiltshire opens the video.  Here the owner wanted the pool to blend seamlessly into the beautiful surrounding landscape.   The owners and their children like to swim in the pool most days and the pool has become a major part of their family life.

The second pool featured is a Living Pool in Cornwall, where the customer was looking for a striking natural pool design, without planting, which would provide a dramatic focal point in their large garden. The pool uses local Cornish slate and a dark liner to complement the local landscape.

Next is a Pool Conversion in Devon where the owners previously had an old chlorinated pool which had become disused and which was an eyesore in their garden.  The Conversion to a natural pool has created a centrepiece in the family’s garden which is admired by everyone who visits their home. 

The video also highlights an award winning Renovation Pool which was originally built by a non-BIOTOP pool builder.  This pool had failed from the moment it was completed and the owner had never been able to swim in it due to the algae.  BIOTOP’s UK partner then came to the rescue and rebuilt the pool installing BIOTOP’s equipment. And now the owner is able to enjoy her crystal clear pool every day.

The video concludes with a view of a large natural pool at Ellicar Nottinghamshire where the pool planting has been carefully selected to create an extension of the garden around it.

BIOTOP would like to thank all the UK owners and partners who helped make this beautiful new video.


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