22 March is World Water Day

Biotop Zentrale

Water is an immensely valuable, if not the most valuable, resource on our planet. Drinking water serves not only as an essential source of life but is also often used to fill pools. A pool of average size (around 8 x 4 x 1.5 m) requires about 50 cubic metres of the valuable commodity. The water in conventional chlorine pools needs to be exchanged every year, which entails a massive waste of water: Over a period of ten years, the amount of water discharged in this fashion is equivalent to around 3.000 full bathtubs emptied into the sewers.

Natural pools conserve water

The good news in the context of World Water Day is that the average consumption of a Biotop natural pool is significantly lower than that of a chlorine pool, since the water contains no chemicals and can remain in the pool year-round. Not having to empty such a facility each year saves an amount of water corresponding to the annual consumption of a single-person household. Sustainable water usage is one of the main concerns of Biotop and our Partners. All of our developments are aimed at providing a healthy and eco-friendly swimming experience. This is because for many people, swimming in pure, natural water in their own garden—or even just knowing it is there—is the fulfilment of a lifelong dream. A Biotop Living Pool provides swimming pleasure with clean water and a clean conscience.

Active environmental protection

The fact that sustainability and conservation are important values for Biotop can be observed in spring at our headquarters in Weidling: When the frog migration begins, countless amphibians make their way to our showroom ponds to spawn. In cooperation with the local road maintenance department, a 400-m-long frog barrier was erected on either side of the road to protect the animals from vehicle traffic. They are assisted in crossing safely and deposited near the ponds by a host of volunteers along with our staff. The entire project lasts around five weeks each year. In this way we were able to save more than 600 frogs and toads from being run over in 2020.

35 years of Biotop natural pools

World Water Day was introduced by the UN on 22 March 1993 and is celebrated annually. Biotop, with its seat in Weidling near Vienna, has been around a little longer, namely 35 years. And in our anniversary year, we remain as true as ever to our goal of facilitating considerate use and conservation of the most valuable resource on our planet.



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